SPIN IT: Business & Crisis Management with Stephynie Malik

#32: Futuristic Thinking with Trond Undheim

March 7, 2022

Today, Stephynie is talking with Trond Undheim, who is a futurist, entrepreneur, and tech genius.

Trond grew up in Norway and ended up in the United States after following a girlfriend. His fascination with Legos as a kid as well as his deep want for exploration led Trond to build new companies and new technologies establishing an incredible career. Trond has been a founder of several startups, including Yeggi, a game-changing search engine, and the MIT startup Exchange connecting industry to start-up. Today, Trond hosts the 'Futurized' podcast and has also written several books looking at tech disruption.

In this episode, we get a glimpse into the mind, of a futurist.



00:00- Spin It! Intro 

00:31- Trond Undheim Intro 

01:11- Introductory Comments

01:30- Running the Boston Marathon 

03:45- Growing up in Norway 

07:29- Creating a Search Engine when Google had already taken over 

14:56- Lessons that Trond learned during his Entrepreneurship Journey 

25:00- Get as many Data Points as possible 

26:18- Knowledge and Insight is something that everyone should strive for

29:23- Don't fail fast, fail slow 

34:26- Trond’s first impression of the Silicon Valley 

38:56- Why Trond created the Futurized Podcast

44:25- Trond’s Book that dives into Health Technology

48:55- Living in a dysfunctional system

53:28- Important Social Platforms and Links 

53:50- Spin It! Outro

Trond's Social Platforms and Links: 

Website- www.Futurized.Org 

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/undheim/

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